Liebster Award

I would like to start this post by thanking carllbatnag @ The Pine-Scented Chronicles for nominating me for this award. Thank you so much!

The Liebster Award is a blogging award that gives recognition to bloggers by their fellow bloggers.

The Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers
  4. Ask your nominees 11 questions
  5. Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post

Questions from carllbatnag

What inspires you to keep on going every single day?

There’s no specific thing that I can name as an inspiration. I suppose I always have a rough plan of things I want/need to do I just try to work on those things, especially now during the pandemic.

How do you define happiness?

Another question that I find a little difficult to answer. I suppose I can think of two images when asked about my idea of happiness – one is me surrounded by the people I love, sitting and talking, just enjoying the moment; the other one is me wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of coffee reading a book while it rains outside. Of course, there are a lot more images that are coming to mind now but these two stand out the most. At the end of the day, happiness, at least to me, is being with people you love and doing things you love, enjoying the moment as it is without any worries about the past or the future.

What made you want to start writing?

I have always enjoyed the act of writing ever since I was a kid. I used to try and write poems and short stories when I was little and was always so happy whenever anyone praised them. Eventually, I started writing about things that I like or am interested in and that gradually led to my blog. I guess that it doesn’t really answer the question of what made me want to start in the first place but that’s because I can’t pinpoint a few particular things. I like writing – even though it can be annoying at times and inspiration doesn’t always strike – and that’s why I try to write as much as I can.

What do you look for in a good book or a good movie?

This is a difficult question and once again (surprise surprise) I can’t think of one particular thing. I like reading and watching different genres depending on my mood but I suppose that at the end of the day I like a good story (which is a very vague answer but I don’t know how to expand on that).

Is who you are right now who you envisioned yourself to be when you were younger? If no, would you go back in time to change it?

Well, when I was younger I used to think that adults are perfect, live amazing lives, can deal with any problem easily, and that I would one day be the same. Now, as someone who has been an adult for a few years, I know that what I used to think was definitely wrong. Apart from that, however, I think that even though I might not be as perfect as my younger self had hoped I would be, I am doing pretty decently and am still in the process of growing. At this moment, I like the path that I am on and I suppose that that’s all that matters since we are all constantly growing as individuals.

Is there a movie or a book you felt a strong connection with? What book or movie and how does it relate to you?

Over the course of answering these questions, I have realised once again that I find it impossibly difficult to pick one answer. However, if I have to pick one it will be the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series (which is technically not one book but I think it can be allowed). The reason is simple: it was the first book series that I read properly and that’s how I started reading on a regular basis. I still remember being ten years old, reading the first book in the series, getting so immersed in it and wishing that I could be a part of Camp Half-Blood.

Who is that one person who inspired you the most or who has made the biggest impact in your life?

Once again I find it difficult to pick just one. So many people have inspired me in so many different ways- my family, my friends, my teachers. If I have to pick the biggest influence, it would be my family, who have always encouraged me and supported me in whatever I have decided and done.

Give your three biggest life lessons.

I don’t think I’m the most qualified for this but I’ll still impart whatever little wisdom I have learned in these twenty years of my life:

(i) Always believe in yourself. There are times when things go wrong and that may make you question your self-worth but you must always believe in yourself. If you do that then no matter how hard things may be, it gets a little easier to deal with them.

(ii) Things go wrong. Shit happens. But you can move on. It may be really sad and upsetting and it’s okay to feel bad about things, but remember that it’s not the end of the world and there are so many better things awaiting you in the future.

(iii) Cherish every moment. This sounds so cliche and I guess it is but if there’s one thing I have learned during the pandemic, it’s that every moment is important. I miss my everyday life before the pandemic. The mundane things I didn’t really think about like getting coffee from my favourite spot in college, sitting and talking with my friends, even some of my classes. Even the ability to make impromptu plans to go out for lunch, all of these things that I never really put much thought into are things I miss immensely because of the pandemic. Therefore, cherish everything as it happens.

Once all quarantine and lockdown restrictions are lifted, what are the top three things you look forward to doing the most?

I think the answer to this follows from my previous answer:

(i) Meet my friends, just talk to them in person.

(ii) Go to a cafe/restaurant. I miss being able to eat outside.

(iii) Go out on a short trip somewhere.

The Golden Rule states that you should “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you“. What act/s of kindness have you received that you want to repay or to pay forward?

I have been so lucky to have been surrounded by amazing and kind people all my life. There’s no one big act of kindness that I can think of, it’s the little things. The smile upon seeing someone you know, listening to people talk about something they like even if you don’t understand it or are not as interested in it, complimenting people, and all these little acts of kindness are the best ones. They have the potential of making someone’s day, of uplifting their mood, and this is the type of kindness that I would like to pay forward.

An aspiring blogger approached you. What is going to be your first piece of advice?

I am relatively new to the world of blogging so I’m not sure if I’m qualified for this but I’ll still mention one thing from my experience. I started this blog over a year ago. I didn’t really have a plan beyond wanting to write about literature. To be fair, I don’t have much of a plan now either. But until a few months ago I never really posted regularly. I only wrote a post when inspiration struck which was very rare, and other times I got so busy with other things that I never really thought of my blog. I decided to change that recently and from July I have been posting regularly every Saturday. My advice is this: you may not always feel inspired, you may find it difficult to write regularly, but try to do it regularly regardless. Blogging is a much more rewarding experience when done regularly than when done sporadically.

Well, that completes the eleven questions I had to answer. I tried to answer them the best I could and I hope that they make at least a little bit of sense.

My Questions

  1. What’s your favourite hobby?
  2. Is there any new activity that you tried during the pandemic?
  3. If you have to pick an alternate universe from any book/movie/show (basically any form of fiction) to live in, what would it be?
  4. Is there any book/movie/show that you can watch an infinite number of times without getting bored?
  5. Do you like re-reading books that you’ve read before? If yes, then what is your favourite thing about re-reading them?
  6. What made you want to start blogging?
  7. What do you do when you need inspiration and motivation?
  8. What do you miss the most from the pre-pandemic world?
  9. What are some books you would recommend to everyone?
  10. What are some films that you would recommend to everyone?
  11. What is your favourite season?

My Nominees

  1. Meg of TfSB @ Time for Short Books
  2. Heather @ Bookish Belongings
  3. Amy @ Curiouser and Curiouser
  4. One Book More
  5. Katie @ Melting Pages
  6. The Perks of Being Noura
  7. Ailish Sinclair
  8. The Book Lover’s Sanctuary
  9. Sarah’s Ramblings
  10. The Chronicles of History
  11. Naty @ Naty’s Bookshelf

I would like to mention that none of you are obligated to do this tag unless you want. Also, if there’s anyone who I haven’t tagged but wants to do it, go ahead!


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